Snowmobiling in WashingtonHi there! Thanks for stopping by to read our story. We are Kaleb and Candys Houfburg. We’re originally from Idaho and have always enjoyed outdoor sports such as backpacking and snowmobiling. Both sports require you to plan ahead and carry supplies in case of an emergency. Little did we know that we would use this mindset to learn how to become more prepared in other parts of our lives.

Emergency Preparedness

Once we realized that the concepts we learned about in snowmobiling and backpacking crossed over through our day-to-day activities and that other people could learn from this, we spent several years researching the many different ways and reasons to be prepared. Now, we understand that when our community is better prepared for emergencies it benefits us all. This is why we have set out on a mission to spread the message of preparedness and share what we know. ¬†While many people aren’t aware of local dangers or may not have evaluated their situation entirely, we have learned to approach people where they are and just help them build from there. It’s easier than you might think, and we truly enjoy teaching about the subject of preparedness.

Long-term Storage Food

We also believe that what you put into your body will determine your quality of life, so we eat clean, non-GMO food, and continuously study nutrition. When we decided to start storing food we bought the healthiest long-term storage food we could find, but when we tried the food it didn’t taste good, and we were disappointed to see the type of ingredients that were used. So we searched for a healthier alternative and found Thrive Life foods. We were so impressed with the quality of the food and how the freeze drying process actually produces healthier food than what you find in the grocery store. Needless to say, we fell in love with the food and the company, and now enjoy sharing what we’ve found with others through the Thrive Life Opportunity that we’d love to share with you as well!

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