Virtual Preparedness Demo

Thank you for coming to this virtual THRIVE Life Preparedness Demonstration.  Here, I’m going to walk you through all the great ways THRIVE has to help you become prepared and more self-sufficient. It’s an honor to be a THRIVE Life consultant. I love presenting at parties and preparedness demos.  Please make sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter (look in the right hand column) so we can keep in touch and keep you up to date on THRIVE Life products and special promotions. As an authorized Independent Consultant, I can help you save up to 45% on your orders, so let’s stay in touch.

If you’ve never heard of THRIVE Life before, here is what you need to know.  THRIVE Life has some great products to help you and your family eat better, save time, save money, waste less, have peace of mind, and be more prepared for emergencies.

Our products are split into 3 categories: THRIVE FoodsFood Rotation Systems, and Emergency Kits & Supplies.

But first off, let me tell you about how we’ve made getting ordering organized and efficient through something we call the Q.


The best way to order THRIVE Life products is through the Q.  The Q is awesome.  As soon as I became a consultant I set up a Q and was so impressed at how organized it was and that my orders worked together to provide my family with complete meals over the course of several months.

Who would love to make fewer trips to the grocery store?  Who would love to have your groceries come right to your door once a month?  Everyone, right?  Plus, if you’re planning to build an emergency food supply, the Q makes it really easy.  The Q is our monthly auto-ship program.  You simply set up your Q with the products you want, set your ship date and budget amount and you just finished shopping!  I love that I don’t have to shop as often, especially with a full schedule, and a day job. I get off of work at the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is stand in line at the grocery store. With the Q I can set up my shipments whenever it’s convenient for me, right from my computer at home!  It is the best thing that has ever happened to grocery shopping.  Stick around because I’m going to tell you about WHY freeze dried food saves you money and in many cases has so much more nutritional value…

The last best thing about signing up for the Q right now through your friend’s party or this virtual demo, is you will get the New Q at Club level membership (there are 2 levels, basic and Club) FOR FREE with a $100+ budget for 3 months.  The other thing I’d like to point out here is that THRIVE offers the best host benefits of any other company I’ve ever heard of. So, whether you decide to host a live party, or you’re attending someone else’s party, there are a lot of extra perks to help hosts save money.  Click here for more info on the Q.


Food Rotation SystemsNow let’s talk about the food! I was amazed at how great THRIVE food tastes when I first tried it at a Preparedness expo.  It can be difficult to eat healthy foods when you’ve got a busy schedule, and all the processed foods typically found in our grocery stores make it even harder to get all the nutrients your body needs.  Have you ever decided you were really going to make sure you and your family are going to eat healthy, and you bought all kinds of fresh veggies and fruits, and then what did they do?  They went bad in your fridge, probably because you were busy and didn’t have the time to chop and cook everything, right?  Or that time you bought beautiful delicious looking red strawberries and the next day they were fuzzy with mold?  This doesn’t happen with THRIVE foods. With THRIVE foods you can have healthy snacks in seconds and amazing healthy meals in minutes, and because of the freeze dry process the food stays tasty and lasts for years and years on your shelf.

Craving a snack?  Grab some freeze dried yogurt bites, peaches, strawberries, or sweet corn.  They taste so good, and the texture reminds that it truly is healthy REAL food.  Hands down THRIVE is the best tasting freeze dried and long lasting foods in the industry.  You can store them for forever but try them once and you will want to use them every day.  In fact, if you’ve already stocked another brand, have you actually tried it?  The last thing I want to do is be in a situation where I need to dip into my stored food just to find out it tastes like crap and has all kinds of preservatives and chemicals that are going to upset my body within a week of eating it. All THRIVE fruits and veggies are non-GMO.  Our milk has no added hormones and tastes really good.  We have nearly 100 wonderful certified Gluten free foods.  I am especially excited to tell you about our brand new Sauces and Seasonings - easy and delicious!

If I can offer you great foods to help simplify and improve your life, and give you the time you need to do the things that you want, would you be willing to take part of your grocery budget and put it into THRIVE?


2013-10-09_1952_001What else do we have to offer you ask?  THRIVE Life’s flagship product is the Harvest Shelving unit.  They really are genius! With The Harvest, and all other THRIVE Life shelving units, you can easily rotate your canned food items, whether they are small canned items purchased at the store or our Pantry or #10 cans in our THRIVE food line.  Our shelves make storing and rotating your food quick and simple.  You can select from a range of sizes from small shelving units to put on you pantry shelves, medium sized shelving units that are free standing that can fit in smaller spaces, or our larger free standing units.  We have something that will fit what ever space you have.  They make storing and using your THRIVE foods that much easier.


Expedition Starter KitLastly, let’s talk about emergency products.  It is always good to be prepared for emergencies.  THRIVE Life you can find the tools you need to have peace of mind when emergencies arise.  Chose from a variety of pre-assembled emergency kits or use our tools to create one to fit your needs.  My favorite pre-assembled kit is the 2 Person Survival Pack.  Right now it is 50% off! As I work to help my family become more prepared and self reliant many of our emergency products are making my ‘to buy’ list. A few of my favorites are the Sawyer Point Two Bucket Filter, Sun Oven and 55 Gallon Water Supply kit. Additionally, find generators, water purifiers, stoves, shelter, and more at THRIVE Life.
Natural disasters and other difficulties can strike anytime, anywhere.

Cooking with THRIVE Life Foods Demonstration:

Today we will be checking out some great THRIVE foods to make some wonderful Chicken Enchiladas!

Thrive Life Cheese:

THRIVE Cheeses are awesome.  You will love them!  Today we’ll be using our Freeze Dried Shredded Colby Colby Cheese on some enchiladas.  First, you’ll need to learn how to reconstitute our freeze dried cheese. In our house, we do this once a week and make as much as we’ll need for the week.

Here’s how:


Thrive Chicken Enchiladas:

Watch and learn from our very own Chef Todd!


Some of our favorite Thrive Foods: 

I love bell peppers. I use them all the time in fajitas, stir fry, omelets, quesadillas and even just for a healthy snacks. Shelf Reliance offers Freeze Dried Bell peppers, both green and red! Just add a little water to reconstitute them and use them like fresh peppers.


Another favorite in our house are the peas. We use them in everything from soups and pastas, to just a side dish, and our 3 year old daughter loves them. We love that they are non-GMO and full of nutrients. Oh, and they also taste great and are just as if not more affordable than canned peas.

Next we have Chicken. There are two freeze dried chicken products, Chopped Chicken and Seasoned Chicken Slices. Chopped Chicken is great for recipes that call for diced or shredded chicken.  Seasoned Chicken (which is only seasoned with a little salt) is great for recipes that call for cubed or sliced chicken. Either of these work GREAT for chicken pastas, quesadillas, or with rice!! Follow the directions on the can to reconstitute the chicken and use it like regular sliced/cubed Chicken, or reconstitute it right in the pan with a little water.  It is already cooked so you can season the chicken and saute slightly on the stove top or just use it as is.
Of course you can’t have a party without something sweet to finish it off, right?!  How about some yummy Thrive Fudge Brownies?  Just add water, bake, and enjoy!


Is your mouth watering yet?  Oh, how I wish you could taste these foods!  Sign up for the Q and get your food delivered right to your door so you can!


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How to purchase:  To sign up for the Q you can do so online or you can contact me and I can set it up for you.  For one time orders you can fill out an order form (DO NOT include financial information) and send it to me with a convenient time for me to call you for your credit card information.  OR you can order online through my shop, here:


Join my Team! And here is why now is the best time: They have really beefed up the kits with so much more than the previous kits and they kept the same low prices before! For as little as $199 you can start your own business. I think this is a great opportunity for everyone. As a consultant you always get the best prices and can share those with your friends and family. I love that you can take this opportunity at your own pace. Make it a business, share with friends and family or simply use it as a discount for yourself. No matter which way you go it is an incredible ground floor opportunity with a growing company. They also launched an awesome new consultant training program called the PATH making your success easier than ever. If you like our products, and I know you will, why not join my team of THRIVE Life consultants? The company is amazing and committed to a healthier lifestyle. They continue to push for expanded Gluten-free and GMO free foods. Now is the best time to become a consultant with Thrive Life. I am so glad that I did. Honestly, it has changed the way I think about foods and about preparing my family. I love making new friends and helping others save time, eat well, and have peace of mind.  And it is fun!


Thanks so much for sticking around for the entire Virtual Preparedness Demo!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me. And make sure to check back for next month’s specials and new demos along the way.

Happy cooking,

Candys Houfburg


Kaleb Houfburg